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... the future belongs to this musically enthusiastic ensemble ... SÜDDEUTSCHE TAGESZEITUNG

... that evening – what a gift! KURIER

... Capella Leopoldina played with a brilliance that has never been heard before- a unique event! ... KLEINE ZEITUNG

... the articulation was both expressive and elegant, the sovereign art of ornamentation fascinated the listeners and took them into an emotional world. A world with a poetic wealth which people in the 20th century can only dream about ... DIE PRESSE

... Ripe for recording. Such was the melodious sound of Händel's "The Ways Of Zion" which, through Zwicker, rang through an overcrowded concert hall! ... KLEINE ZEITUNG

... A magic moment in early music! An event of unique quality was brought by Jörg Zwicker's Capella Leopoldina together with the world famous tenor Guy de Mey in a sold-out concert hall … KRONEN ZEITUNG

... rarely has Baroque music been presented with such feeling for Baroque dramaturgy full of sophistication, subtlety and internalization while at the same time, giving the audience the opportunity to enjoy the original sound of the music ... KLEINE ZEITUNG


... the concert performance {Telemanns "Pastorelle"} in Gmunden was a gift. The strings of Capella Leopoldina, founded by Jörg Zwicker, performed with clear bowing, tuneful in both piano and forte … the woodwinds and horns with beautiful phrasing and a melting timbre, immaculate embouchure, the trumpets, precise in sound ... CONCERTO

... this ensemble is without doubt one of the most gifted in the field of Baroque chamber music ... SÜDDEUTSCHE TAGESZEITUNG

... the transparency and ardency of the infatuating sounds of Capella Leopoldina could not have been outperformed ... KLEINE ZEITUNG

... a highlight: Capella Leopoldina played with silky, bright transparency and extraordinary intuition ... NEUE ZEIT

... an adorably spirited performance by the young early music experts of Capella Leopoldina ... CONCERTO

... it was high time we met Capella Leopoldina ... WIENER ZEITUNG